On grad school

Renewing my goals

One of my latest regrets has been delaying grad school until an unknown point in the future. I can come up with many reasons as to why I made the decision, ranging from lack of confidence to burnout. The main one, though, is that I felt that I needed a change; something different to renew my interests and motivation. The obvious path was to go into industry, which I went for. Five months in and my motivation and interests have renewed but not in the way I would’ve expected. As cheesy as it sounds, I long for the excitement and challenges of school. I miss learning something new everyday. I miss the struggle of juggling a handful of new topics at any given time. Not to say that my work in industry is anything but exciting and challenging. It is, very much so. But it’s different. And it’s this difference that I cannot get out of my head. I feel stagnant. I feel that my growth is limited to existing technology and existing solutions. It feels like I’m stringing together existing skills and technologies to create solutions for existing problems. I want to feel like I’m stringing questions and ideas together to come up with something new.

So I don’t want to postpone this anymore. I want to focus my free time into preparing for grad school. In doing so, I will be documenting my progress in order to hold myself accountable. I will be thinking more about a larger and more refined plan with timelines but to start I have compiled a list of professors and papers to prep me. My interests in computer science range widely so I hope in reading these papers they will begin to be more focused.

I will attempt to read one paper every ~2 days taking an additional day to reflect on it. This might change if it becomes too much but this timeline seems appropriate.

Dawn Song

Deian Stefan

Alessandro Chiesa

Ranjit Jhala

Hovav Shacham



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